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Kayla & Derek: Old Bag Factory Engagement Session


Kayla and Derek’s Old Bag Factory engagement session was so much fun to shoot! I loved the industrial edge that the Old Bag Factory gave to our Northern Indiana engagement session. Although we stayed outside, the Old Bag Factory is also a beautiful wedding venue called Bread & Chocolate. Its a light and airy photographer’s dream in there! Seriously, if you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, you need to go!


Later in our session, we moved to Shanklin Park. I literally squealed with joy when we spotted a weeping willow tree. Weeping willows are one of my all time favorites! They’re so, so beautiful in photos. I love how dreamy they make everything feel. The willow is known for its enduring qualities. It thrives even in harsh conditions and its roots dig deep down into the soil so that it can endure for generations to come. It’s a perfect metaphor for love.


As a wedding and engagement photographer, I tend to notice different traits about my couples. Each couple has something that stands out about their relationship. The thing I loved most about Kayla and Derek was how comfortable they were around each other. They just seemed to instinctively move with one another. It’s obvious that they are happiest when they’re together. These two are all snuggles and giggles. They naturally make each other laugh, and it’s so stinking cute! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding pictures and showcase the love that they share.


Kayla and Derek, thank you so much for choosing me to be your Northern Indiana wedding photographer. I had a blast photographing your Old Bag Factory engagement session.












Couple sits on the steps at their Old Bag Factory Engagement Session



Old Bag Factory Engagement Session.







Couple in love at their Old Bag Factory engagement session.






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