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How To Plan Your Wedding Day Without The Headache

Planning your wedding can be stressful. Often its something we’ve never done before and were never taught about. Here are 10 tips on how to plan your wedding day without the headache.

1.  Buy Heel Stoppers
If you or your bridal party are going to be outdoors at all during the wedding, consider buying heel stoppers for you and your girls. These are super affordable, save your shoes from grass stains, and save your calves from trying to stand on your tip toes for the whole ceremony!
2. Break in your shoes
The last thing you want to worry about on the dance floor is your feet hurting. To help break in your shoes without wearing them around town warm them up with your hairdryer. Then put on a thick pair of socks, slip on your shoes, and walk in place. Try using the hair dryer on your shoes while they’re on your feet for some extra comfort. The heat will help break down the glue so the shoes aren’t too firm, and they’ll start to shape to your foot. Goodbye blisters!
3. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
Give everyone a job to help with setting up for the wedding. Moms, Aunts, friends, and family love to help the bride! Your close family is going to be there in the morning anyway, so while you’re getting ready assign everyone a task to help prep. That way you can spend the morning focusing on you and your soon-to-be hubby, not centerpieces and tablecloths.
4. Put someone else in charge
Designate one close friend or family member to be in charge of decision making on the day of the wedding. Give their phone number to your vendors so that all questions can go through them first. Your designated person can always come back to you for any big questions if they need to!
5. Prep details together the night before
The night before your wedding make sure to pack up all of your details in one place together. When the photographer comes in the morning this will be the first thing they start taking pictures of. So if its all together it will save you the stress of running around trying to find everything. Details typically include but are not limited to: rings, vows, veil, garter, shoes, flowers, invitation suite, perfume, and jewelry.
6. Schedule a little extra time for hair and makeup
Hair and make up are the two things that almost always take longer than expected. Having a little extra time cushion helps so much! Then if things do stay on schedule you’ll have a little extra time for pictures! Or if it does run a little later than expected you’ll still have that extra time already set aside for it. You won’t feel as rushed going into pictures, and you’ll have more time with your girls!
7. Have the bridesmaids get dressed first
Have your bridesmaids put on their dresses before you get into your gown. Then while they’re helping you get into your dress the photos will have their dresses in the background instead of sweat pants and t-shirts.
8.  Have a First Look
There are tons and tons of benefits to doing a first look! One of the biggest reasons I always recommend a first look is because the day runs so much smoother. All of your photos are done before the ceremony even happens. This way, when the ceremony wraps up, you and your hubby can go straight to cocktail hour!
9. Skip the receiving line
If you choose not to do the first look, skipping the receiving line is one of the best ways to save time on your wedding day. You get to go straight into picture time, which means more time for you to spend at cocktail hour. Where you can get some time in with your guests in a more relaxing environment.
10. Help out the DJ
The most common complaint I’ve heard from DJs is that they don’t know the names of who is in the bridal party. Give your DJ a list with everyone’s names, in the order they’ll be walking in, with a pronunciation guide to help them out.
There you have it! 10 tips on how to plan your wedding day without the headache.
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