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5 Ways To Keep Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

I’ll just come right out and say it… wedding planning is already stressful enough. Add in a world pandemic no one could have expected and its infinitely more complicated. Whether you’re just now starting to plan your wedding or you’ve been at it for months it’s probably so different than what you expected.

In the face of all that, how is it possible to keep planning? What can be done during quarantine? While you might not be able to go hunt down your dream wedding dress or start tastings there is still plenty to do. I want to help provide a little direction for you! So, here’s my top 5 ways to keep wedding planning during a pandemic.

1. Create or Update Your Wedding Website

There is no better time to start on your wedding website than when you’re forced to be at home. You can take your time writing out your love story, researching the best activities for out-of-town guests and can make sure it looks amazing. Your guests will also be thankful for a line of communication where they can read about important updates. If you’ve had to reschedule or are making changes to your wedding day due to Covid this is the perfect spot to announce it.

2. Send Save-the-Dates or Change-the-Dates

Let’s be real, making your save-the-dates is so fun!! This is the first piece of your wedding design your guests will see. It’s a fun way to let them know the date while creating a beautiful experience for them. With all the extra time you may have on your hands, take your time and create the perfect save-the-date or change-the-date!

If you’re needing a good place to start, I highly recommend the extremely talented Empress Stationary! She has tons of classy designs that match her gorgeous wedding invitation suites! They’re perfect for any bride!

Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

3. Take Your Engagement Photos

One amazing thing about photography is it can be done outside and with zoom lenses. Here in Indiana, we’re allowed to still shoot outside! So, why not use your engagement photos as the perfect excuse to get dressed up and have fun! Plus, this will give you great photos for your wedding website and save-the-dates and the weather has been amazing lately!

4.Work on Your Wedding Registry

If you’re anything like me, I have been doing a LOT of online shopping lately. It’s so easy to sit and find endless things I want online. So, why not take that urge to spend and channel it into crafting the perfect registry? You won’t have to spend a penny and maybe all your online shopping friends will buy you gifts instead. 😉 Really though, since you’re able to easily build a registry online from the comfort of your home this is the perfect quarantine task!

5. Exercise & Hydrate

You may be asking us how this relates to wedding planning… I get it! But, think about it this way, most brides start a wedding diet and skin care regiment to prep for the big day. By hydrating and working out you’re contributing to that amazing wedding body. You’re also helping your mental and physical health by making sure your body is taken care of. It’s a win-win situation all around!

I hope these wedding planning during a pandemic tips are helpful! Just know that you are not alone in this strange season of life. Do what you can and let the rest go for now. In the end, what really matters is your marriage.

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